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Plastic Mold and You

Have you built a product, and you want to build a mold around it? Are you trying to shape a sort of plastic mold, so that you can recreate whatever item you have already developed? If so, there are lots of products and companies online that can help you achieve your goals. Anywhere on Google, you are certain to find businesses and items that will help you achieve your plastic mold needs.


Locator Wedge Clamp Assembly For Plastic Mold Machine

Quick change locator wedge clamp assembly for a plastic mold machine ving opposed stationary and movable platens adapted to receive, mount and support a sectional die having stationary and movable clamp plates which comprises laterally spaced pairs of opposed locator wedge clamp assemblies mounted upon and projecting from the platens.


HOBBY HISTORY: PLASTIC MOLD INJECTION Mainstay of the Model Kit Industry

This year, AMT will use approximately five million pounds of polystyrene plastic to create the industry's most popular model kits. To the casual observer, the process employed to create model kits may seem like a more recent invention, but the advent of plastic mold injection can be traced back 125 years. In 1872, Smith & Lock patented the earliest injection molding machine to cast the first commercially successful plastic: celluloid. A variety of products - including billiard balls, combs and photographic film - were created with celluloid. After its initial use with the injection molding


Industry Opinion: Cables and Connectors - What Next?

By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires

Yes, wireless can ease the pain, but there is no getting away from the fact that cables and connectors are the glue that hold our industry together. With consumption of media and data ever increasing, and demand for ever higher data rates and image/sound quality, it is essential that installers have access to the best products to get the job done more quickly, while ensuring that the infrastructure is as future-proof as possible.


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