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Dreamland Travel to ZhangJiaJie


Have you ever watched the film Avatar?
Have you fascinated by the spectacular Mountain scenery in Avatar?
Yes, We are coming! Zhangjiajie.

Believing you still have vivid impression about the beautiful floating Mountain in Avatar.

Zhangjiajie to source a inspiration. QianKunZhu, mountain of Zhangjiajie was applied as prototype of the floating Hallelujah Mountain in the film Avatar. As reaching a brilliant Sales Target of International Department in 2009, the top management of TOPWIN decided to praise crews of the Department to go travel to ZhangJiaJie.


Beautiful Maple Leaf of Shimen Mountain

In the hope of get close contact with nature, we start our journey to famous scenic spot-Shimen Mountain Forest Park.

The Shimen Mountain Forest Park is located in the northeast of Guangzhou suburb Conghua, The forest coverage is reach 98.9%, it’s eastern connected with Nan kun nature reserve and the western part is the famous Conghua Hot Spring Spas.

The total space of Shimen Mountain Forest Park is nearly 2636 Hectare, belong to the subtropical zone, has mild temperature and the average temperature is around 20Degree Centigrade. The highest temperature in July and August is only 26.5Degree Centigrade; the average minimum temperature is 11Degree Centigrade. The total mountain is surround by the towering old trees, green pines and cypresses, Yang and Yu , Cheng , Song, Liu Cong Cong thick , gurgling mountain stream which make the mountain is abundant in animal and plant resources. The rare animal include leopard, pangolin,etc.


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