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We are a company with professional design and development, production and sales of various USB3.0 connectors. It is used in a variety of PC and consumer electronics products and electrical appliances.

USB3.0 (USB A TYPE USB B TYPE MIRCO USB) connector. It is a product widely used in computers, mobile phones, camera, DVD and other types of livelihood products. It is mainly used in charging, data upload and download. It has the interface with USB2.0 in all functions, while greatly improved the speed of transmission. In theoretical,the speed is equivalent to 10 times USB2.0. USB 3.0 is also considered as SuperSpeed ​​USB. It provides a standard interface for those with PC or audio/high frequency devices connected to the kinds of equipment. From the keyboard to high-throughput disk drive, a variety of devices can use this low-cost interface for smooth operation of the plug and play connectivity. Users basically do not spend too much time in it.


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