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Dreamland Travel to ZhangJiaJie

In the afternoon of 23rd, we firstly caught Terminal Coach to GuangZhou city. After 11hours’ train travel, we arrived at ZhangJiajie City. Look, everyone was vigorous and desperately to go to enjoy the beauties of the Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie to source a inspiration. QianKunZhu, mountain of Zhangjiajie was applied as prototype of the floating Hallelujah Mountain in the film Avatar. As reaching a brilliant Sales Target of International Department in 2009, the top management of TOPWIN decided to praise crews of the Department to go travel to ZhangJiaJie.

In the afternoon of 23rd, we firstly caught Terminal Coach to GuangZhou city. After 11hours’ train travel, we arrived at ZhangJiajie City. Look, everyone was vigorous and desperately to go to enjoy the beauties of the Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie is the first National Grade Forest Park of China since 1982 and the first Geological Park in the world. It features Quartz Sandstone Forest and the Forest coverage can reach 97%.With an exceptional geographic location, the total Zhangjiajie have 130 must-seeing attractions that worth for your traveling.

Including Golden Whip Valley, The Cliff of Mountain Angle, HuangShi Village, Treasure Peak Lake, Tianmen Cave, Yellow Dragon Wave etc.

As the average temperature is around 16 Degree Centigrade all year long, Wind, Cloud, Rain, Snow alternate frequently, Zhangjiajie is freely raise a mountain and leave a lake behind Plants remains green in all four seasons. So ZhangJiejie is an ideal heaven for various plants and species. According to the official Report, there is 93 types woody plants, 720 types ornamental plants, bird 13 family 41 types and most importantly there is about 41 types endangered protection plants and animals. The harmonious environment make ZhangJiajie is reputed as Top Tourist Spot of China and Zhangjiajie City appraised as one of the ten model civilized scenic sites in China.

On 24th April, we arrived at the famous scenic spot- Golden Whip Valley and Tianzi Mountain. The total stroke will take about 1 hour and 30 mints to enjoy the splendid view across the valley. The Biggest feature of Golden Whip Valley is that it lies in the magnificent Mountain Peak and the quiet lazy stream. It’s really amazing to travel in the path surrounded by unique Mountain Peak on every side, hearing the ripple of the small stream. During the stroke, we found precious Plants Gingko Tree and Yew Tree, It is said that the Parclitaxel extract from the Yew can use as a good cure for cancer.

In the following day, firstly we traveled to the Ten Miles Gallery which presented the most splendid Mountain Peak scenery and this site is the best choice for paint from nature.

Among the mist , we went upstairs to The world Greatest Bridge which is on the south of YuanJiajie Culture Reserve,the two Mountain Peaks are linked together and formed the bridge naturally. The width is about 2M, and the length is 20M, but the depth is about 350M. In the afternoon, we reached Hundreds Dragon Lift with 335M Vertical Height. This sightseeing is a 1 Minute 58 Seconds miracle, and you can only take 1 mint 58secs to reach the bottom of Mountain. This Lift is not only connected with other attraction such as Yuanjiajie Culture Reserve and Golden Whip Valley, but also protected the natual environment in Yuanjiajie Culture Reserve.

The last day we have wonderful journey in FengHuang City. The special night scenery of FengHuang City was so charming and we could not resist enchanting by the scenery. The ancient Tujia Minority Diaojiao Building, sweet Ginger Candy, after have sightseeing in DiaoJiao Building, we entered the classic & elegant small street, full of special souvenirs(Old FengHuang Silver Store etc).Look, What beautiful Seven Fairies!

When we entered into the territory of Miao Ethnic Village, we were really fantastic to have folk song competition with the old Miao Unity. Sweet traditional NanMeng Rice Wine, beautiful Miao Girl. Moving song and amazing show that 78 years old Miao Woman presented her exclusive skill -swallow flaming wood, Wonderful!

In the night of 23rd Apr, we flied back to ShenZhen. Looking back the 3 days travel, Every International Staff was enchanted by the splendid scenery and have plenty fantastic memory in mind. We sincerely hope to travel new top tourist sites next year, and wish TOPWIN like ZhangJiejie that enjoy the world-famous reputation with its unique Mountain scenery advantage and eco-friendly development concept , use our unique reliable TOPWIN Lighting product to become the first-class world famous LED Lighting company in the near future.


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